How NOT to DIY

So our website may be new and it may be too soon for us to share DIY not-tos, but we assure you that we have had our share of artistic mishaps and failures. In this post, we will share things to avoid when doing DIY projects.

Photo 1-22-15, 4 37 27 PM

Things to avoid:
  • Avoid getting spray paint residue on your hands by wearing gloves. Rebelled and spray-painted without gloves anyways? Try rubbing some charcoal lighter fluid, acetone, or vegetable oil on your hands/affected area.
  • DO NOT spray paint indoors; the scent of spray is very hazardous to inhale.
  • DO NOT try to customize something that is expensive. Got a new glue or a new idea you want to try? Spare yourself the pain of ruining something you spent a fortune on by finding items that you going to dispose of. You will not feel a glimpse of guilt in case it got damaged in the process.
  • Some things are better off untouched. Don’t try to customize everything.
  • If you’re using a spray paint, make sure you don’t have any items around you; they may get damaged.
  • DO NOT dispose of anything before you are perfectly sure that it serves for no purpose. We are not encouraging “hoarding.” We are just urging you to reinvent and re-purpose. (For instance: You can easily turn a wooden baby cradle into a reading nook!)
  • Painting the borders of a cork board? Use painter’s tape (masking tape) to cover the areas you do not want to get paint on.


That is it for this week’s post! If you have any more tips to share, feel free to leave a comment!


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