10 easy organization tips

It’s a huge step deciding to go from leading a messy life filled with disheveled offices and bedrooms to an organized one. In this post, we hope to make this transformation easy for you by giving you a list of simple organizational tips.


1- Store-bought bucket and its manifold uses.

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This pretty seafoam green bucket (also available in pastel pink for 39AED) has various uses. Found in the garden section of IKEA, this bucket can serve as a holder for many things including: gardening tools, magazines, spray paint cans, wrapping paper, and the like.


2- All-purpose jars.

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Using small jars is another way of organizing. They are pretty useful for tiny items such as thumbtacks, safety pins, buttons, rubber bands, paper clips, decals, gems, and knickknacks.


3- Tins

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It takes you ages to find what you want in your purse? We feel your pain. Say no more and start by using tins to store the tiniest things. One method is carrying an emergency tin that has stuff such as: pills, rubber band, safety pin, bandage, bobby pin, and so on. This idea is not only useful for purse-carriers; even men can stash a similar thing in their pockets or backpacks.


4- Extra space for your books


There’s no room on your shelves? That’s a problem that every bookworm goes through. To solve this issue, our team came up with a temporary solution. Instead of organizing your books on the shelf vertically, organize them horizontally. This way you can stack more books into a shelf and create extra space for new books.


5- Food cans


Losing pens and pencils is another issue we all go through, and the reason for that is the fact that most of the time we don’t put our pens in one place. To avoid this problem, you can use food cans by peeling off the label, washing them, and then starting to  decorate them the way you desire. You now have a cute self-made pen holder.


6- Boxes


Every year we get a bunch of cards and letters for our birthdays or any other special occasion. If we didn’t save those sentimental memorabilia, we may lose them. Prevent that by bringing a shoe box or any kind of box you already own, decorating it the way you want from the outside, and putting all your memories in the box. You can label the box by putting the current year on it.


7- Clothespins weekly calendar

This will sure help you keep up with your tasks and remember what to do and when to do it. It’s easy and simple to make. All you need is some clothespins, paint, and marker. Because we’re doing a weekly calendar, we used seven clothespins. One more thing before you get started: make sure to cover the space you are painting on and  to wear gloves. Enjoy the video!


8- Organizing make-up brushes


One of the easiest way to organize your brushes  and mascaras is using any old jars or glasses that you no longer use. To help hold these cosmetics in place, you can use colorful sand, pearls, or even rice (rice works better if the container you’re using is not transparent. Otherwise, it will look odd.)


9- Laundry basket

If your bathroom is too narrow and there’s no space to fit your laundry basket, you can use foldable fabric baskets that can fit the corners of your bathroom such as under the sink. After using it, you can fold it up and keep it behind the door. You will have more space and at the same time, your bathroom will not be overfilled with dirty clothes.


10- Glasses hanger

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Got a plastic clothes hanger lying around the house? Spray paint it and make it your new glasses holder.



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