40 things to do this spring break

Spring break is around the corner. To celebrate the beginning of this season, we will share with you a bucket list of 40 things you can do this break.

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1- Have a beach picnic. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just grab a few friends, a beach mat, and a picnic basket. Share your little secrets and silly dreams.

2- Learn the basics of a language. Try by learning the loanwords first.

3- Read a book outside your favorite genre. It’s a great step out of your comfort zone. What’s there to lose?

4- Not an avid reader? Try downloading an audiobook. Listen to it while engaging in another activity.

5- Use this break as an opportunity to stay away from your phones and gadgets. Stash your phone in your purse or pocket. Enjoy the scenery in front of you.

6- Go to a flower store and buy a loved one a flower arrangement.

7- You’re not as creative as you want to be? Use this time to try something artistic, and remember: no one starts off great. Try anyway. You lose nothing by trying.

8- Try a new style of writing. Even if you’re not a writer, do write. It makes you eloquent in speech, and it helps you relate with your reader.

9- Revamp any old item or furniture you have around you. Either decoupage a wooden chest or use an old window shutter as a mail holder.

10- Have a water balloon fight. (If you live in an apartment, try throwing water balloons from the rooftop. If anyone asks, we did NOT give you that idea, lol)

11- Learn how to make crochet. Start by making something easy and basic like a scarf.

12- Instead of going out to a cafe, have a tea party outside in the garden and invite your best friends.

13- Go to an open mic night and share something you wrote.

14- Have a movie marathon and watch the movies that you always wanted to watch but never had the time to do so.

15- Bake cupcakes. It’s fun and relaxing.

16- Go to an art gallery and enjoy the art. There are many galleries that are open in Dubai now like: Art Dubai and DIFC.

17- Give your room a spring cleaning and get rid of the things that you don’t need anymore. Make room for new things.

18- Challenge yourself and read a book in a day.

19- Wake up really early, go to the beach, and watch the sunrise with friends or family.

20- Gather your friends and go for a paintball fight. It’s fun but be careful.

21- Color your clear phone cover with water colors; they are washable in case you made a mistake! Finish it with a gloss clear spray so it won’t fade away with time.

22- Throw a pool party! Don’t forget to get refreshments.

23- Are you a true gamer? Gather your gaming friends, choose a game, and have fun.

24- Have a special day for your family! An old-fashion BBQ evening will bring the family closer.

25- Look around you. Do you have old stuff you  don’t use anymore? Gather your friends and trade items.

26- Are you a parent? Have a date with your daughter/son.

27- Treat yourself. Book yourself a spa/massage day.

28- Have a road trip.

29- Challenge yourself. Go to Google and search for challenges you can do in your two weeks of break. (For example: Try talking to one stranger every day.)

30- Find a cheap pair of white shoes and doodle on them.

31- Start scrap-booking!

32- Motivate your friends to lose weight during the break; make it a challenge.

33- For every mother who complains about their annoying children, make a daily schedule for their activities outdoor. (For example: painting, acting and playing football with their friends.)

34- To keep your skin moist during the break, create a face mask by mixing yogurt with lemon or rose water.

35- Spend your break at your relatives from other cities to change the routine. For example, if you are living in the city and your relatives are living in a village or rural area, give them a visit.

36- Learn cooking by watching tutorials; you can also try adding your own taste to your food.

37- Cut your old socks and create a cup holder.

38- Join dancing classes with your friends to learn different styles of dancing like salsa, hip-hop and break-dance.

39- Do yoga for half an hour before sleeping  to release stress.

40- Try to change the furniture arrangement in your house for a change.


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