How to make a glowing jar


When you sit on your desk and you start studying, you need to look at something that would cheer you up. So we brought you a fun way to spice up your desk by using glowing colors, which you can also use to decorate an upcoming party.


Things you will need:

1- A jar

2- Cotton

3- Glow in the dark sticks (3-6), depending on how big your jar is. We used three different colors

4- Scissors

5- Old newspapers to protect the surface you’re working on.



1- Open the jar lid and put your first layer of cotton. Make sure your layer is thin if you are using one glowing stick per layer.

2- Break the glowing stick to activate it. Shake it then carefully cut it open using the scissors. (If you are 12 years or younger, please ask an adult to help you because the stick will have broken glass in it).

3- Carefully pour the liquid into the jar. Wear gloves and remove any glass that has slipped in the jar.

4- Put the other layer of cotton and pour the other color. (Remember to use one layer for each color until you are done.)

5- Finally after you are done shut the jar with its lid and place it wherever you want. As we mentioned before, the glowing sticks depend on the brand; the brand we are using is a Japanese brand, and it should  last form 8 to 9 hours.


Alternatives and extras:

-You can use colors (could be food coloring) for a long lasting jar.

-For more fun, add glitter and holo stars.


If liquid contacts your skin, wash your skin with water and soap. Avoid rubbing your eyes or getting the liquid near open cuts.


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