Polyvore-themed Notebooks

Polyvore is a very unique style community that allows you to create fashion sets and artistic collages. It’s an assemblage for trendsetters and fashion gurus to discover the latest trends and for artists to spark their imagination.


It’s such a tedious task to save photos one by one and to crop them using Photoshop. This is why in our notebook customization project we chose to create collages via Polyvore because the images are already available on the website. Polyvore is basically: “collaging” made easy.


For this project you’re going to need to have an account on Polyvore.



1- After you log in, you need to keep your notebook measurement in mind.

2- Choose a theme for your collage. Do you want it to be in pastel colors only? Do you want it to be poetic? Do you want it to be in neon patterns and odd arrangements?

3- Start by placing photos on top of each other, but make sure you start with the farthest ends of the collage. You can always resize the outcome on Photoshop.

4- Keep in mind that the collage has to represent your personality and interests. You would want the person looking at your notebook to gather bits and bobs of who you are as a person.

5- After you’re satisfied with the results, publish the collage. Now the website doesn’t allow you to save so you can: share the piece on social media then save it from there, take a screenshot of the collage, or “pin” the set to Pinterest and save it from there.

6- Open a file on Adobe Photoshop with the notebook measurements set.

7- Drag the Polyvore set onto the Photoshop file and resize it to fit the file.

8- Print the file on a glossy A4 paper.

9- Cut the excess paper from the printed collage.

10- Glue your collage onto the notebook.

11- Additional step: secure your design with clear self-adhesive covering film.


Side note: this post was not sponsored by Polyvore. We are just fans!


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