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Projects with spray paint

Gather your spray paint cans for today we will share how you can add a pop of color to any furniture you once thought of disposing. Never underestimate the potential power of a few touch-ups.


1- Glass bottles

revamped cola

Now this may seem like an odd idea, but it makes a very cool room decor piece. It can be: a flower vase, a bracelets holder, or a message in a bottle project.


2- An old chair

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

This was a chair actually but was transformed into a table. It was a mediocre piece of furniture, but this pastel blue brought it back to life.


3- Old dining-table chairs

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

An old dining table chair as a night stand? Why not! This is also an untypical idea, but this is what makes it different. You can throw it in any negative area around the house that feels so empty to add a touch of vibrance.


Can you think of other ways we can polish things with spray paint?

Polyvore-themed Notebooks

Polyvore is a very unique style community that allows you to create fashion sets and artistic collages. It’s an assemblage for trendsetters and fashion gurus to discover the latest trends and for artists to spark their imagination.


It’s such a tedious task to save photos one by one and to crop them using Photoshop. This is why in our notebook customization project we chose to create collages via Polyvore because the images are already available on the website. Polyvore is basically: “collaging” made easy.


For this project you’re going to need to have an account on Polyvore.



1- After you log in, you need to keep your notebook measurement in mind.

2- Choose a theme for your collage. Do you want it to be in pastel colors only? Do you want it to be poetic? Do you want it to be in neon patterns and odd arrangements?

3- Start by placing photos on top of each other, but make sure you start with the farthest ends of the collage. You can always resize the outcome on Photoshop.

4- Keep in mind that the collage has to represent your personality and interests. You would want the person looking at your notebook to gather bits and bobs of who you are as a person.

5- After you’re satisfied with the results, publish the collage. Now the website doesn’t allow you to save so you can: share the piece on social media then save it from there, take a screenshot of the collage, or “pin” the set to Pinterest and save it from there.

6- Open a file on Adobe Photoshop with the notebook measurements set.

7- Drag the Polyvore set onto the Photoshop file and resize it to fit the file.

8- Print the file on a glossy A4 paper.

9- Cut the excess paper from the printed collage.

10- Glue your collage onto the notebook.

11- Additional step: secure your design with clear self-adhesive covering film.


Side note: this post was not sponsored by Polyvore. We are just fans!

How to make a glowing jar


When you sit on your desk and you start studying, you need to look at something that would cheer you up. So we brought you a fun way to spice up your desk by using glowing colors, which you can also use to decorate an upcoming party.


Things you will need:

1- A jar

2- Cotton

3- Glow in the dark sticks (3-6), depending on how big your jar is. We used three different colors

4- Scissors

5- Old newspapers to protect the surface you’re working on.



1- Open the jar lid and put your first layer of cotton. Make sure your layer is thin if you are using one glowing stick per layer.

2- Break the glowing stick to activate it. Shake it then carefully cut it open using the scissors. (If you are 12 years or younger, please ask an adult to help you because the stick will have broken glass in it).

3- Carefully pour the liquid into the jar. Wear gloves and remove any glass that has slipped in the jar.

4- Put the other layer of cotton and pour the other color. (Remember to use one layer for each color until you are done.)

5- Finally after you are done shut the jar with its lid and place it wherever you want. As we mentioned before, the glowing sticks depend on the brand; the brand we are using is a Japanese brand, and it should  last form 8 to 9 hours.


Alternatives and extras:

-You can use colors (could be food coloring) for a long lasting jar.

-For more fun, add glitter and holo stars.


If liquid contacts your skin, wash your skin with water and soap. Avoid rubbing your eyes or getting the liquid near open cuts.

How to make an apple candle










(As we shared on our Instagram account: Spraypaintandglue)


After having a full time of work and study which leads tension, you must give yourself some rest and refreshment. Use apples as a holder of your candles. You can place them beside your bed or on your study desk by using two colors of apples: green and red.


Follow those few easy and simple steps:

1- Carefully, use carving tool to remove the apple seeds starting from the top in a circular way.

2- Make sure the candle can fit in the apple hole. (If it doesn’t fit, carve some more).

3- Light the candle and enjoy the moment of relaxation with yourself.


You can replace apples by using other fruits like orange and lemon peels. Keep them in the fridge and use them again.

Decorate your own mug

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 12.25.10 PM

Sometimes when we go through our mug cabinet, we find some old plain ones that look boring. We then tend to get rid of them and buy new colorful ones that look prettier. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore because you can spice up those mugs yourself! We brought you today a very simple, easy and fun DIY project.

  • Sharpies
  • Mugs
  • Oven
To make this DIY:

First, find a quote or a drawing that you like and use your sharpies to write or doodle whatever you want on the mug.

Second, place the mug in the oven for 25-30 minutes, and then let it cool off in the oven for another 30 minutes.

This DIY is easy and simple. You can give these mugs as thoughtful and personalized gifts to your friends and family. You can draw their favorite characters on them or write their name, initials, or their favorite quotes.


Other Ideas using this concept:

Instead of mugs, you can personalize plates or bowls. Also, you can decorate vases and bathroom sets which are made of glass  so it turns from useless sets to precious  pieces.

Splattered nail polish phone cover

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

Ever feel so frustrated that you wish there was a way to let go of your anger? Well, this Do-It-Yourself project will not only allow you to unleash your inner rage but will also give you a brand new creative and customized phone cover that will single you out.

As a newly-launched website, we decided to start off with an easy DIY anyone can recreate. This nail polish splatter concept was inspired by The Carrie Diaries TV series where the main character’s sister accidentally spilled nail polish on her deceased mother’s purse. Angrily, Carrie (the main character) splattered more nail polish on the bag and turned it into a fashion statement.

The project is extremely simple, easy, and fun to make.  All you will be needing is nail polish and a clear cover that you can find anywhere.


To make this DIY:

First, start by spreading newspapers on the surface that you will be working on so you don’t create a big mess.

Second, choose the nail polish colors that you see on your phone case.

Third, start splattering the nail polish on the clear cover randomly until you’re satisfied with the results you have.

Lastly, let the cover dry completely before adding any other decorations to it like writing your initials or drawing a heart.


Here some tips to consider before you begin this DIY:

1- No regrets ! Make sure that the nail polish colors that you are using are your favorite because you don’t want to make something you won’t like. Also, use an old cover or buy one that is inexpensive.

2-  Wait, wait for it. Just like how women are extra careful when applying nail polish, you should be careful with this project as well. Give it approximately 30 minutes before you use it or flip it  as the polish might come off!

3- When applying the nail polish, be closer to the cover. You do not want to flicker or flutter randomly. You don’t want to end up having varnish on your hair unless this is a hair trend you would want to sport. (Just kidding!)

4- Last but not least, ALWAYS make sure that you have a newspaper under the cover so you won’t stain your mom’s favorite carpet. PS: make sure it’s an old issue, one that was not stored aside for keepsake. (Imagine if that issue featured your sibling and you had varnish all over it. Eeeep!)


Other ideas using nail polish splatter concept:

Just like how women like to be sophisticated by applying nail polish, you can be elegant by creating your own style using your unused nail polish bottles on various projects.

1- It’s a known fact that every woman likes sporting singular items of wear, especially when it comes to handbags. You can recreate The Carrie Diaries concept by splattering nail polish of various colors on a cheap, unused bag. (You wouldn’t want to do that on an expensive bag given that your first attempt may not be successful)

2- If all your bracelets look the same, splash colors of pink, green, and blue to match them with any outfit you wear. This works well on cheap bass bangles and silver bangle cuffs.

3- A great idea to decorate your study desk area is buying a paint canvas and splattering nail polish on it. Why buy expensive wall art when you can make your own!


Happy crafting!

-SP+G Team.



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