Things to do this summer

The most beautiful season of the year is here, and it’s time to enjoy the brightness of the sun and the calm waves of the sea. It is true that the sun during summer is super hot, but following some of our simple tips will make your summer vacation an enjoyable, healthy and memorable experience.

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  • If you are a person who forgets drinking water or don’t drink water at all, you can add some slices of lemon, strawberry or any type of  fruit you prefer to motivate yourself to drink more. You can always keep it next to you wherever you go.
  • Make a Bored Jar and list activities and projects you can do when you’re bored.
  • Bake some cupcakes and invite your friends for a tea gathering in your house.
  • Design a photo album which carries all memories of you and your best friend then give it to him/her as a gift.
  • Use your time to go over your CV and check if you’re content with what you’ve done so far. If you’re not, sign up for some volunteer work. Be active.
  • This summer must end with challenging your weaknesses. For example, if you are scared of heights, you can take classes of climbing mountains.
  • Spend a day photo-shooting  kids playing in the garden or at the beach for fun.
  • Even if you are not traveling this summer, you can mark places that you traveled to on a map and hang it behind the door of your bedroom.
  • Learn how to “contour” and try it on your friend. For extra fun, videotape it  it as a tutorial.
  • Watch scary movies alone at 3 A.M. in your garden under a tree.
  • Have a full day of relaxation in the spa away from socialization and the sun’s heat.
  • Shop online for summer dresses.
  • Learn new ways to braid your hair in different styles.
  • Clean up and de-clutter your make-up collection and make sure they are not expired.
  • Try one day to shower with cold water but make sure you switch off the air conditioners before.
  • Even if you’re not a fan of football, try going to the stadium and watch it live.
  • Avoid social networking sites and live the moment.
  • Go on a summer-essentials shopping spree. Don’t forget to get cheap sunglasses for the beach!
  • Try sewing pockets at the edges of your beach towels. This way you can store your wallet and belongings away from the sandy winds.
  • Have you ever heard of blackout poetry? Well, now’s your chance to master this concept. Gather some texts from either old books or from prints. Pick out words from the text from different lines and try to form a sentence out of them. Mark out everything else with a black market. Once you’re done, you’ll get something like this (photo below)

Photo Dec 06, 9 11 58 PM

 And if all else fails, you can always ask Google.

Enjoy your summer!



Pyssla beads 101

Perler or pyssla beads are colorful beads that allow you to create cute designs from from coasters to key-chains to just room décor. They come with a number of pegboards and a few wax sheets.


(Photo credit: Hajeral3baidli on Instagram)


There are certain things you need to keep in mind before using the beads. The first thing you need to consider is what design you are going for: a Nintendo character, a logo, a cupcake, an emoji…etc. The easiest way to create the design you want is to “google” the keywords: “perler beads super Mario,” or whatever image you wanted to imitate. After that, you gather the required colors: red, white, and black in this case, to make the process easier.


After you have done that, you get a pair of tweezers and you place the bead one by one on your pegboard by slowly copying the image you see online. Once you’ve finished, put the wax paper that comes with the perler bead set on top of the design and iron over the design. The beads will all stick together in the end.


That’s basically all you need to know about perler beads. Happy crafting!

40 things to do this spring break

Spring break is around the corner. To celebrate the beginning of this season, we will share with you a bucket list of 40 things you can do this break.

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1- Have a beach picnic. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just grab a few friends, a beach mat, and a picnic basket. Share your little secrets and silly dreams.

2- Learn the basics of a language. Try by learning the loanwords first.

3- Read a book outside your favorite genre. It’s a great step out of your comfort zone. What’s there to lose?

4- Not an avid reader? Try downloading an audiobook. Listen to it while engaging in another activity.

5- Use this break as an opportunity to stay away from your phones and gadgets. Stash your phone in your purse or pocket. Enjoy the scenery in front of you.

6- Go to a flower store and buy a loved one a flower arrangement.

7- You’re not as creative as you want to be? Use this time to try something artistic, and remember: no one starts off great. Try anyway. You lose nothing by trying.

8- Try a new style of writing. Even if you’re not a writer, do write. It makes you eloquent in speech, and it helps you relate with your reader.

9- Revamp any old item or furniture you have around you. Either decoupage a wooden chest or use an old window shutter as a mail holder.

10- Have a water balloon fight. (If you live in an apartment, try throwing water balloons from the rooftop. If anyone asks, we did NOT give you that idea, lol)

11- Learn how to make crochet. Start by making something easy and basic like a scarf.

12- Instead of going out to a cafe, have a tea party outside in the garden and invite your best friends.

13- Go to an open mic night and share something you wrote.

14- Have a movie marathon and watch the movies that you always wanted to watch but never had the time to do so.

15- Bake cupcakes. It’s fun and relaxing.

16- Go to an art gallery and enjoy the art. There are many galleries that are open in Dubai now like: Art Dubai and DIFC.

17- Give your room a spring cleaning and get rid of the things that you don’t need anymore. Make room for new things.

18- Challenge yourself and read a book in a day.

19- Wake up really early, go to the beach, and watch the sunrise with friends or family.

20- Gather your friends and go for a paintball fight. It’s fun but be careful.

21- Color your clear phone cover with water colors; they are washable in case you made a mistake! Finish it with a gloss clear spray so it won’t fade away with time.

22- Throw a pool party! Don’t forget to get refreshments.

23- Are you a true gamer? Gather your gaming friends, choose a game, and have fun.

24- Have a special day for your family! An old-fashion BBQ evening will bring the family closer.

25- Look around you. Do you have old stuff you  don’t use anymore? Gather your friends and trade items.

26- Are you a parent? Have a date with your daughter/son.

27- Treat yourself. Book yourself a spa/massage day.

28- Have a road trip.

29- Challenge yourself. Go to Google and search for challenges you can do in your two weeks of break. (For example: Try talking to one stranger every day.)

30- Find a cheap pair of white shoes and doodle on them.

31- Start scrap-booking!

32- Motivate your friends to lose weight during the break; make it a challenge.

33- For every mother who complains about their annoying children, make a daily schedule for their activities outdoor. (For example: painting, acting and playing football with their friends.)

34- To keep your skin moist during the break, create a face mask by mixing yogurt with lemon or rose water.

35- Spend your break at your relatives from other cities to change the routine. For example, if you are living in the city and your relatives are living in a village or rural area, give them a visit.

36- Learn cooking by watching tutorials; you can also try adding your own taste to your food.

37- Cut your old socks and create a cup holder.

38- Join dancing classes with your friends to learn different styles of dancing like salsa, hip-hop and break-dance.

39- Do yoga for half an hour before sleeping  to release stress.

40- Try to change the furniture arrangement in your house for a change.

10 easy organization tips

It’s a huge step deciding to go from leading a messy life filled with disheveled offices and bedrooms to an organized one. In this post, we hope to make this transformation easy for you by giving you a list of simple organizational tips.


1- Store-bought bucket and its manifold uses.

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This pretty seafoam green bucket (also available in pastel pink for 39AED) has various uses. Found in the garden section of IKEA, this bucket can serve as a holder for many things including: gardening tools, magazines, spray paint cans, wrapping paper, and the like.


2- All-purpose jars.

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Using small jars is another way of organizing. They are pretty useful for tiny items such as thumbtacks, safety pins, buttons, rubber bands, paper clips, decals, gems, and knickknacks.


3- Tins

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It takes you ages to find what you want in your purse? We feel your pain. Say no more and start by using tins to store the tiniest things. One method is carrying an emergency tin that has stuff such as: pills, rubber band, safety pin, bandage, bobby pin, and so on. This idea is not only useful for purse-carriers; even men can stash a similar thing in their pockets or backpacks.


4- Extra space for your books


There’s no room on your shelves? That’s a problem that every bookworm goes through. To solve this issue, our team came up with a temporary solution. Instead of organizing your books on the shelf vertically, organize them horizontally. This way you can stack more books into a shelf and create extra space for new books.


5- Food cans


Losing pens and pencils is another issue we all go through, and the reason for that is the fact that most of the time we don’t put our pens in one place. To avoid this problem, you can use food cans by peeling off the label, washing them, and then starting to  decorate them the way you desire. You now have a cute self-made pen holder.


6- Boxes


Every year we get a bunch of cards and letters for our birthdays or any other special occasion. If we didn’t save those sentimental memorabilia, we may lose them. Prevent that by bringing a shoe box or any kind of box you already own, decorating it the way you want from the outside, and putting all your memories in the box. You can label the box by putting the current year on it.


7- Clothespins weekly calendar

This will sure help you keep up with your tasks and remember what to do and when to do it. It’s easy and simple to make. All you need is some clothespins, paint, and marker. Because we’re doing a weekly calendar, we used seven clothespins. One more thing before you get started: make sure to cover the space you are painting on and  to wear gloves. Enjoy the video!


8- Organizing make-up brushes


One of the easiest way to organize your brushes  and mascaras is using any old jars or glasses that you no longer use. To help hold these cosmetics in place, you can use colorful sand, pearls, or even rice (rice works better if the container you’re using is not transparent. Otherwise, it will look odd.)


9- Laundry basket

If your bathroom is too narrow and there’s no space to fit your laundry basket, you can use foldable fabric baskets that can fit the corners of your bathroom such as under the sink. After using it, you can fold it up and keep it behind the door. You will have more space and at the same time, your bathroom will not be overfilled with dirty clothes.


10- Glasses hanger

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Got a plastic clothes hanger lying around the house? Spray paint it and make it your new glasses holder.


How NOT to DIY

So our website may be new and it may be too soon for us to share DIY not-tos, but we assure you that we have had our share of artistic mishaps and failures. In this post, we will share things to avoid when doing DIY projects.

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Things to avoid:
  • Avoid getting spray paint residue on your hands by wearing gloves. Rebelled and spray-painted without gloves anyways? Try rubbing some charcoal lighter fluid, acetone, or vegetable oil on your hands/affected area.
  • DO NOT spray paint indoors; the scent of spray is very hazardous to inhale.
  • DO NOT try to customize something that is expensive. Got a new glue or a new idea you want to try? Spare yourself the pain of ruining something you spent a fortune on by finding items that you going to dispose of. You will not feel a glimpse of guilt in case it got damaged in the process.
  • Some things are better off untouched. Don’t try to customize everything.
  • If you’re using a spray paint, make sure you don’t have any items around you; they may get damaged.
  • DO NOT dispose of anything before you are perfectly sure that it serves for no purpose. We are not encouraging “hoarding.” We are just urging you to reinvent and re-purpose. (For instance: You can easily turn a wooden baby cradle into a reading nook!)
  • Painting the borders of a cork board? Use painter’s tape (masking tape) to cover the areas you do not want to get paint on.


That is it for this week’s post! If you have any more tips to share, feel free to leave a comment!