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Things to do this summer

The most beautiful season of the year is here, and it’s time to enjoy the brightness of the sun and the calm waves of the sea. It is true that the sun during summer is super hot, but following some of our simple tips will make your summer vacation an enjoyable, healthy and memorable experience.

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  • If you are a person who forgets drinking water or don’t drink water at all, you can add some slices of lemon, strawberry or any type of  fruit you prefer to motivate yourself to drink more. You can always keep it next to you wherever you go.
  • Make a Bored Jar and list activities and projects you can do when you’re bored.
  • Bake some cupcakes and invite your friends for a tea gathering in your house.
  • Design a photo album which carries all memories of you and your best friend then give it to him/her as a gift.
  • Use your time to go over your CV and check if you’re content with what you’ve done so far. If you’re not, sign up for some volunteer work. Be active.
  • This summer must end with challenging your weaknesses. For example, if you are scared of heights, you can take classes of climbing mountains.
  • Spend a day photo-shooting  kids playing in the garden or at the beach for fun.
  • Even if you are not traveling this summer, you can mark places that you traveled to on a map and hang it behind the door of your bedroom.
  • Learn how to “contour” and try it on your friend. For extra fun, videotape it  it as a tutorial.
  • Watch scary movies alone at 3 A.M. in your garden under a tree.
  • Have a full day of relaxation in the spa away from socialization and the sun’s heat.
  • Shop online for summer dresses.
  • Learn new ways to braid your hair in different styles.
  • Clean up and de-clutter your make-up collection and make sure they are not expired.
  • Try one day to shower with cold water but make sure you switch off the air conditioners before.
  • Even if you’re not a fan of football, try going to the stadium and watch it live.
  • Avoid social networking sites and live the moment.
  • Go on a summer-essentials shopping spree. Don’t forget to get cheap sunglasses for the beach!
  • Try sewing pockets at the edges of your beach towels. This way you can store your wallet and belongings away from the sandy winds.
  • Have you ever heard of blackout poetry? Well, now’s your chance to master this concept. Gather some texts from either old books or from prints. Pick out words from the text from different lines and try to form a sentence out of them. Mark out everything else with a black market. Once you’re done, you’ll get something like this (photo below)

Photo Dec 06, 9 11 58 PM

 And if all else fails, you can always ask Google.

Enjoy your summer!


Projects with spray paint

Gather your spray paint cans for today we will share how you can add a pop of color to any furniture you once thought of disposing. Never underestimate the potential power of a few touch-ups.


1- Glass bottles

revamped cola

Now this may seem like an odd idea, but it makes a very cool room decor piece. It can be: a flower vase, a bracelets holder, or a message in a bottle project.


2- An old chair

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This was a chair actually but was transformed into a table. It was a mediocre piece of furniture, but this pastel blue brought it back to life.


3- Old dining-table chairs

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An old dining table chair as a night stand? Why not! This is also an untypical idea, but this is what makes it different. You can throw it in any negative area around the house that feels so empty to add a touch of vibrance.


Can you think of other ways we can polish things with spray paint?

Melting Moments Cookies


We decided to give you something different this week: an easy cookie recipe. We hope you like it!


1 1\2 cup of all-purpose flour

1\2 cup cornstarch

1\4 tsp. of salt

1\4 cup icing sugar

230 grams of butter

1 tsp. vanilla extract



Step One: Preheat the oven to 160°C and line the baking trays with parchment paper.

Step Two: In a bowl, combine the flour, the cornstarch, the sugar and the salt. In another bowl, mix the butter and sugar with an electric mixer until it becomes pale and creamy. Then, add the vanilla.

Step Three: Add the dry ingredients gradually to the butter mixture and mix them all together. Then wrap the dough in a plastic wrap and let it chill in the fridge for a half an hour.

Step Four: Take the dough out of the fridge, make mini balls, and place them on the baking sheets leaving 2 cm space between each cookie. Then, press the back of the fork gently of the cookies to form a pattern.

Step Five: Bake them in the oven for 10-13 minutes. Once you’re done, remove them from the oven and let them cool on a wire rack.



Pyssla beads 101

Perler or pyssla beads are colorful beads that allow you to create cute designs from from coasters to key-chains to just room décor. They come with a number of pegboards and a few wax sheets.


(Photo credit: Hajeral3baidli on Instagram)


There are certain things you need to keep in mind before using the beads. The first thing you need to consider is what design you are going for: a Nintendo character, a logo, a cupcake, an emoji…etc. The easiest way to create the design you want is to “google” the keywords: “perler beads super Mario,” or whatever image you wanted to imitate. After that, you gather the required colors: red, white, and black in this case, to make the process easier.


After you have done that, you get a pair of tweezers and you place the bead one by one on your pegboard by slowly copying the image you see online. Once you’ve finished, put the wax paper that comes with the perler bead set on top of the design and iron over the design. The beads will all stick together in the end.


That’s basically all you need to know about perler beads. Happy crafting!

Polyvore-themed Notebooks

Polyvore is a very unique style community that allows you to create fashion sets and artistic collages. It’s an assemblage for trendsetters and fashion gurus to discover the latest trends and for artists to spark their imagination.


It’s such a tedious task to save photos one by one and to crop them using Photoshop. This is why in our notebook customization project we chose to create collages via Polyvore because the images are already available on the website. Polyvore is basically: “collaging” made easy.


For this project you’re going to need to have an account on Polyvore.



1- After you log in, you need to keep your notebook measurement in mind.

2- Choose a theme for your collage. Do you want it to be in pastel colors only? Do you want it to be poetic? Do you want it to be in neon patterns and odd arrangements?

3- Start by placing photos on top of each other, but make sure you start with the farthest ends of the collage. You can always resize the outcome on Photoshop.

4- Keep in mind that the collage has to represent your personality and interests. You would want the person looking at your notebook to gather bits and bobs of who you are as a person.

5- After you’re satisfied with the results, publish the collage. Now the website doesn’t allow you to save so you can: share the piece on social media then save it from there, take a screenshot of the collage, or “pin” the set to Pinterest and save it from there.

6- Open a file on Adobe Photoshop with the notebook measurements set.

7- Drag the Polyvore set onto the Photoshop file and resize it to fit the file.

8- Print the file on a glossy A4 paper.

9- Cut the excess paper from the printed collage.

10- Glue your collage onto the notebook.

11- Additional step: secure your design with clear self-adhesive covering film.


Side note: this post was not sponsored by Polyvore. We are just fans!

How to make a glowing jar


When you sit on your desk and you start studying, you need to look at something that would cheer you up. So we brought you a fun way to spice up your desk by using glowing colors, which you can also use to decorate an upcoming party.


Things you will need:

1- A jar

2- Cotton

3- Glow in the dark sticks (3-6), depending on how big your jar is. We used three different colors

4- Scissors

5- Old newspapers to protect the surface you’re working on.



1- Open the jar lid and put your first layer of cotton. Make sure your layer is thin if you are using one glowing stick per layer.

2- Break the glowing stick to activate it. Shake it then carefully cut it open using the scissors. (If you are 12 years or younger, please ask an adult to help you because the stick will have broken glass in it).

3- Carefully pour the liquid into the jar. Wear gloves and remove any glass that has slipped in the jar.

4- Put the other layer of cotton and pour the other color. (Remember to use one layer for each color until you are done.)

5- Finally after you are done shut the jar with its lid and place it wherever you want. As we mentioned before, the glowing sticks depend on the brand; the brand we are using is a Japanese brand, and it should  last form 8 to 9 hours.


Alternatives and extras:

-You can use colors (could be food coloring) for a long lasting jar.

-For more fun, add glitter and holo stars.


If liquid contacts your skin, wash your skin with water and soap. Avoid rubbing your eyes or getting the liquid near open cuts.

How to make an apple candle










(As we shared on our Instagram account: Spraypaintandglue)


After having a full time of work and study which leads tension, you must give yourself some rest and refreshment. Use apples as a holder of your candles. You can place them beside your bed or on your study desk by using two colors of apples: green and red.


Follow those few easy and simple steps:

1- Carefully, use carving tool to remove the apple seeds starting from the top in a circular way.

2- Make sure the candle can fit in the apple hole. (If it doesn’t fit, carve some more).

3- Light the candle and enjoy the moment of relaxation with yourself.


You can replace apples by using other fruits like orange and lemon peels. Keep them in the fridge and use them again.